Astrologer Matthew Stelzner has worked closely with Richard Tarnass; his fine site has essays on Archetypal Astrology and information about resources for further study.

Russian astrologer Constantine Semenov has an interesting site with articles on world events and finances, including a sound and video file on the May 6, 2010 stock market plunge.

Gurmeet Singh has many fine articles on Vedic astrology, including in-depth delineations of people in the news, including Sandra Bullock, Tiger, Larry King, Polanski, and Barak Obama.

Frederick Woodruff's Astroinquiry offers a fine collection of work. His view of astrology is influenced by Gurdjieff and Fourth Way work and he covers many thoughful themes, including a lovely take on the recent total solar eclipse.

Future Primitive is a wonderful site including an audio interview with Maurice Lavenant, author of Pluto in Capricorn: 2008-23 in the Feb/March 2008 issue of TMA.

Bob Makransky's Astrology Corner has some great free downloads such as Mayan Horoscope software, textbook on Primary Directions and celestial sphere mathematics, monthly e-zine, and insightful articles.

Robert Ayres of Astrological Alchemy writes New and Full Moon columns that capture the feel of the lunation in simple language.

Dream Astrologer by Gary P. Caton has well researched articles on various mundane topics which include the use of sophisticated techniques (e.g., midpoints).

Pat Paquette has lots of articles with astrological insights into global events at her lively blog Pisces Chronicles.

Philip Brown's site AstroFutureTrends has lots of interesting articles on world and cultural events, forecasting and politics.

Astrocal has a lunar calendar and lots of Moon articles and information, including ones on the 2006 lunar standstill.

The Akron Astrological Society (northeastern Ohio) has a new site with some good beginner articles (i.e., Major Events and How to Spot Them) and information about their monthly meetings.

Light on Vedic Astrology is a comprehensive and well designed site by Vaughn Paul Manley, author of a TMA article on Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Serbian astrologer Nikola Stojanovic has a very interesting site with lots of horoscopes of events and people that he has rectified using standard techniques along with his original degree analyis work.

Martha Lang Wescott's Treehouse offers extensive information and study guides on the asteroids and TransNeptunian points.

Vicente Cassanya's large Spanish site has astrology lessons and many articles on mundane topics, forecasts, eclipses and historical figures.

The Near Dear, New Birth site is conducting research on their interesting premise that those who survive near death experiences "come back" with a new horoscope.

The Vedic Cultural Fellowship offers consultations with astrologer Howard Beekman who specializes in jyotish and ayurvedic gem therapy.

Christopher Warnock's large site Renaissance Astrology has many fine articles on traditional astrology, including horary, electional and astrology's interface with magic.

The Network for Humanistic Astrology is a French and English site that carrying forward the work of Dane Rudhyar and Alexander Ruperti.

Astrology for the 21st Century has lots of articles on UK and US current events, as well as business people in the news.

Astrology Weekly is a large and varied site with a wonderful article on the astrologers who predicted 911.

Harvey Sid Fisher is an astrologer/songwriter - listen to clips of his songs for each zodiac sign - it's lots of fun.

Visit TMA writer Dana Gerhardt's site for a wonderful on-line community of resources.

GeoVision Software has assembled a terrific site of Vedic astrology resources - forecasts, charts, gemstones, etc.

Henry Seltzer has a very good monthly Sun sign column on his site, as well as mundane articles and astrology software.

Here's Kenneth Bowser's site on Western Sidereal Astrology.

Astrolabe is publisher of Solar Fire and the Astrolabe Report System. Their site offers AUGuries newsletter containing interesting articles on various astrological topics, free charts, astro-weather and more.

Astrology Shop On-Line offers Robery Currey's excellent Eqinox horoscopes, and lunar calendars - for Northern or Southern hemispheres.

Kepler College has the wonderful accomplishment of graduating its first BA students in Astrological Studies this fall. Congratulations all around!

Lynda Hill's site on the Sabian Symbols has a Oracle for asking a question or reading the symbol of the day (based on the Sun's degree).

The Astrological Lodge of London was founded in 1915 by Alan Leo; the Web site has notes from the Monday night meetings for those of us who can't attend in person.

The Russian Urania magazine, founded in 1991, has several articles in English on the Web site and information about ordering back issues.

Find Astrologers site is a large collection of resources - organizations, products and services, conferences, and astrologers listed by speciality, location as well as name.

No End Press offers free Arabic Parts and Midpoint calculators - very cool and easy to use.

Evolutionary Astrologer Rose Marcus has created a beautiful site AstroLink with a forum for questions and comments.

Bill Herbst offers a newletter, many substantive archived articles and a Void-of-Course Moon calendar at his site.

The Astrology-Astronomy Book has succinct definitions of terms from astrology, astronomy, mythology, the history of astrology and science.

World-of-Wisdom is Adrian Ross Duncan's site with a terrific archive of articles and some funny animated stuff.

Find the day of the week for your birthday and expore compatibility at Paul Yancy's Astral Union.

Time Cycles Research has software for the Mac; innovative chart designs and a new astro-mapping component are especially noteworthy.

You can purchase Nance McCullough's astrology books (she writes from long experience on Solar Returns and Love Formulas) at her site.

Meta Life Cycles has an intriguing graphic approach to rectification; many sample horoscopes are mapped in graphic format over decades of time.

Hank Friedman offers over 100 free tutorials in Western and Vedic astrology and provides reviews, tutorials, news, and some fine articles on astrology software.

If you haven't been there yet, do not miss the superb dialogue on the world events at AstroDataBank.

State of the art astrology software and some cool free downloads are available from Alphee and Carole Lavoie's site

The Astrological Psychology Institute is inspired by the work of Bruno and Louise Huber. (Also links to a Spanish site.)

Here is TMA's Argentinian contact.

Sandra-Leigh Serio has weekly and yearly forecasts at her site.

AcuMind is a mix of Western and Chinese astrology with a great News section that is updated frequently.

Astro Software offers a StarLite, a freeware program, and lots of quality astrology information along with Kepler Software.

Founded in 1970, The Urania Trust is a UK organization of resources for astrologers.

Astrologer Celeste Teal has gathered an assortment of insightful short articles, including lunar forecasts, at Moon Valley Astrology.

Night Light News is a cleanly designed site with extensive articles based on Alice Bailey's approach to esoteric astrology; also has current planets and a good health article for each sign.

The South Bay Astrological Association has a great site: articles, graphic ephemerides, q&a section. etc.

Patrice Guinard, PhD has assembled a collection of articles, including his thesis on astrology and works by Cornelius, Hand, Schmidt and Barbault.

A dynamic site with great design and fine astrology can be found at StarIQ.

Artcharts has a daily calendar as well as monthly forecasts.

Astroinsights has void-of-course Moon tables for the month and a page for Quick Steps to Learning.

The Astrologer's Apprentice is a funny and informative UK publication by John Frawley.

Here's a well-known called Zodiac Master (formerly known as the "Zodiac Hacker") with wonderful graphics and a very creative approach for all, from beginners to those in "the deep" with astrological studies.

Starcats has lots of great articles and resources for astrologers; wonderful layout and humor throughout!

TMA contributor Greg Bogart has information about his books at Dawn Press. Greg also has several excellent articles here - one on the spiritual/transformational aspects of astrology and one on Dane Rudhyar.

Go here for excellent work on astrocartograpy maps from Robert Couteau.

Australian astrologer Bernadette Brady offers her articles and information about her innovative JigSaw software for finding patterns in groups of people.

Dirah Academy International is a great source for those interested in Vedic astrology — lots of links and info.

Astrofaces is a fun research project with photographs of Sun, Moon and Rising sign combinations. Send yours in!

Richard Nolle has lots of graphics, important planetary cycles, lots of celebrity birth data and charts.

The Sabian Assembly was founded in 1923 by Marc Edmund Jones; this a big site which offers a chart giving a Sabian Symbol for each day of the year (calculated for sunrise in Washington, D.C.).

Diana K. Rosenberg and Anne Wright each have superb sites packed with hard-to-find fixed star information.

Excellent lessons on planets, houses, synastry, etc. by Michael McClain.

Zodiacal Zephyr is full of astrological treasures, including extensive data on the British royals and an interactive Sabian Symbols Oracle.

Zane Stein's Chiron Page has updates on the new planets and info on Nessus and Pholus.

Astrolabe's text files has articles by TMA columnist Bruce Scofield.

PsyPlan software is free online and there are also personal horoscope planners for sale.



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